Episode 84: Living the Authentic Life with Phoebe Tudor & Beth Wiedower Jackson of the Astrodome Conservancy

SAVE THE ASTRODOME! Iconic and sentimental to every native even if they never stepped foot inside, Houston’s architectural gem was declared the Eighth Wonder of the World when it opened back in 1965. The Astrodome, for all its rich history, has languished empty, unused and threatened with demolition for over ten years. Beth & Phoebe talk us through the future of the Astrodome, from the need for an Astrodome reuse & redevelopment plan and how Houston could repurpose this space to why demolishing the Astrodome doesn’t make sense (in addition to being fully paid for, the county-owned stadium is structurally sound). As any native Houstonian will tell you, saving the Astrodome is a cause near and dear to our hearts. Sign up at astrodomeconservancy.com and follow on social media @astrodomeconservancy to help the mission.



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