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Name: Julie Lauren

Blog or business name: By Julie Lauren

Instagram: @julielauren14

Twitter: @julielauren14

Signature handbag: Either my Daniella Lehavi light grey single flap cross body bag OR my Chanel black leather wallet clutch. Those are the two I go back and forth between the most.

Favorite addition to spring wardrobe: Vintage Levi’s cut off denim shorts. Been wanting a pair of these FOREVER, and finally found the perfect fitting pair!

Most sentimental possession: I have two – both bracelets that I wear daily. One is my Grandma Pauline’s and the other is my Grandma Marilyn’s. I think of them everyday when I look down at my wrist. Sadly, the one I used to wear of my Grandma Marilyn’s broke, so in place of it, I wear one that I bought where proceeds went back to Alzheimer’s Awareness, as she has Alzheimer’s.

Your Instagram in five words or less: Real. Inspirational. Funny (at times). Happy. Stylish.

Favorite travel destination: Napa.

Where you traveled last:  Austin this past weekend for a girl’s trip!

Last thing you Googled:  Where you can buy ColourPop lipsticks because I needed to link to it in an article I was editing. Not THAT exciting, I know.

What would our readers be surprised to know about you: Hmm..probably that I moved A LOT when I was younger (born in Florida, then to Houston, Cleveland, Chicago, back to Houston, back to Cleveland, New York, Miami, Boston, New York, Houston) and I went to 3 different high schools and 3 different colleges!

What is in your bag now: Wallet (sans cash..I never have cash on me!!), notepad and pen, little pouch of ‘goodies’ (hand sanitizer – I use hand sanitizer far too often), tampons (just keeping it real), gum, Listerine strips, nail file, hand lotion, headphones, keys. BORING, I know.

Most coveted item from the vintage contessa: Um, EVERYTHING. If I had to pick only one item, though, it would be the Chanel Quilted Flap in Black with silver hardware. It’s classic, timeless, and something I’d wear everyday. OR (sorry, had to pick 2) the Hermes Pouchette Jige Elan Elanza Vean Swift Noir because it’s simple, elegant, modern, and I’m just in love with it!! I’d use it all the time.



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