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Local Houston Blogger, Sara Cooper of Simply Ollie is a Colorful Fun Creative Mom on the go. We caught up with her to ask her a few questions about her classic yet on trend style and must have accessories from The Vintage Contessa.


Name: Sara Cooper

Blog: Simply Ollie

Instagram: @simply_ollie

Twitter: @simplyollie1

Signature Handbag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull because I always have all my kid’s necessities if I’m out with my husband or friends then my Chanel!

Favorite addition to spring wardrobe: Colorful Silk Scarves tied around your neck. They change your entire outfit and add a pop of color!

Most sentimental possession: My wedding ring means so much to me! It was so special receiving it from my husband and I literally never take it off. Over the past 6 years of marriage I added two sapphires to each side of my diamond. I fell in love with Sapphires when I wore my husband’s Grandmother’s stunning sapphire ring on my wedding day. It still gives me chills to this day.

Your instagram in five words or less: Colorful/Fun/Creative/Trendy/Passionate

Favorite travel destination: Anywhere that has a sandy Beach and a fruity cocktail.

Where you traveled last: NYC for Fashion Week

Last thing you googled: Top swimsuits for Summer 2016

What would our readers be surprised to know about you: I’m a full-time preschool teacher from a very small town in Texas.

What is in your bag right now? Baby Wipes / Diapers / 20 or so different lipsticks / hand sanitizer / Chanel powder / sunglasses / altoids / pens / calendar / laptop / pretty much my whole life.

Most coveted item from The Vintage Contessa? My very first Chanel bag. It’s the most beautiful blush pink! I can use it as a clutch or cross body which is ideal for my lifestyle.



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