Different Types of Louis Vuitton Leathers

We all know and love Louis Vuitton handbags. They are some of the most classic, admired, and sought after bags out there, and for good reason. However, did you know there are roughly a dozen different types of leathers for said handbags? It might sound crazy, but each one is different in their own way, so let’s walk you through them, in no particular order.


MONOGRAM CANVAS – This canvas was designed in the late 1890s, and this pattern consists of flowers with the Louis Vuitton initials. Based on Japanese and Oriental designs, it is a durable canvas that I’m sure you see quite often out and about. This fabric is durable, as it’s a vinyl coated canvas.

DAMIER EBENE CANVAS – Louis Vuitton created this canvas pattern in the late 1880s, and on it had a logo that translated to ‘L. Vuitton registered trademark.’ A little under 20 years ago was the 100 year anniversary of this canvas, so in honor of that, the original Damier canvas was re-released. And just about 10 years ago, the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur line was launched, and this collection reflects the shores of the French Coast.

MONOGRAM DENIM – This pattern came about in 2005, and it was made out of stonewashed denim, and it comes in black, grey, green, pink, and blue.

DAMIER GRAPHITE – This pattern was crafted in honor of Louis Vuitton’s 120th anniversary of the Damier canvas. This graphite collection is a black and grey tonal pattern among smooth black leather. You will only find this one within men’s accessories and leather goods.

MINI LIN/MONOGRAM IDYLLE – This is a newer line, which is a lighter, more supple canvas. In 2010, the Mini Lin collection was revamped and became the Monogram Idylle Canvas collection, and this includes a lighter, more supple, resistant canvas.

MONOGRAM MULTICOLOR – Japanese artist Takashi Murakami was apart of this collaboration with Louis Vuitton to create this monogram multicolor line in 2003. It’s a fun pattern, which includes 33 colors.

MONOGRAM VERNIS – In 1997, Marc Jacobs was the newly appointed Artistic Director, and this line was introduced by him. Inspired by ready-to-wear collections, these bags take on a sparkly, shiny effect. And, of course, it’s embossed with the famous monogram.

EPI LEATHER – The Epi line was created in 1985, and was actually the first leather line of the house. There was a need for more durable, travel-friendly leather, and thus, Epi leather was crafted. Due to the way the leather is dyed and then a special coloration on the grain surface, it truly can withstand all weather conditions.

TAIGA LEATHER – This leather was named after a forest in Russia, and was introduced in 1993. You’ll mostly find this one for travel accessories and briefcases, and only in men’s accessories and leather goods.

SUHALI LEATHER – Launched in 2004, this one is made from Suhali goat leather, of the highest quality goat skins. It’s a natural grain and doesn’t undergo any chemical treatments.

MONOGRAM EMPREINTE – This one came about in 2012, and is of the highest quality calf leather. It is dyed and then the leather goes through a process to pull up the natural grain of the skin so it appears supple and luxurious. And, then, of course, it is embossed with the famous monogram pattern.

So, as you can see, there are lots of different types of Louis Vuitton leathers, all special and unique in their own right. Regardless of which one is your favorite, they’re all beautiful and of the highest quality.

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