Episode 15: Living The Authentic Life with Johna Stallings and Amy Pierce


Houston we have a problem ???? Texas reportedly ranks first in the nation for active human trafficking – and these victims are living lives beyond what most of us can imagine. On today’s Living The Authentic Life podcast we dive deep with Harris County Division Chief of Adult Sex Crimes & Trafficking, Johna Stallings and co-founder of The Houston 20, Amy Pierce on the state of sex trafficking in Houston to help answer the questions – how do we know it’s real and what can we do to help end trafficking and care for victims in our community? I connected with both of these women by working together with Houston 20 and the Fight For Us initiative with a growing group of influential and committed Houstonians dedicated to galvanizing the community to end sex trafficking and care for its victims. A key part of joining this fight is awareness. Without knowing what to look for, it’s sometimes difficult to notice or identify a trafficking situation. Tune in to the full podcast episode to hear the things Texans should keep an eye out for.

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