Episode 32: Living The Authentic Life with Dr. Terry Rice of Sydenham Clinic

Dr rice

Today’s Living The Authentic Life Podcast guest is Dr. Terry Rice, the chief doctor of Houston’s concierge Sydenham Clinic that is redefining how we monitor our health with an exciting take on proactive, precision medicine with integrated wellness. Dr. Rice’s authentic avant-garde approach to medicine is backed by state-of-the-art science and 35 years of expertise, including the medical directorship of MD Anderson Emergency Center. This year I decided the greatest gift of all would be investing in my health. When I discovered the advanced comprehensive testing and the custom, curative approach offered by Dr. Rice and the Sydenham Clinic, I was ready to start my journey. Join us to learn how Sydenham Clinic’s patient-tailored medicine and groundbreaking individualized health programs are working years ahead of mainstream treatments.

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