Episode 53: Living The Authentic Life with Paola Contreras Katz of Inclán Studio


This week’s Podcast 53 guest, Paola Contreras Katz’s passion for fashion lead her from a post undergraduate business degree right back to Houston’s Art Institute. Subsequent to her degree, in the Fall 2013 Paola
launched her first women’s ready-to-wear clothing label, Inclán Studio. Each season she creates a luxuriously comfortable yet incredibly stylish linein varying fabrics, textures and colors.  Her authentic love of life and family coupled with her unique perspective of international travel expanded her creativity to a place she is able to make unique, easy to wear, stylish pieces that  are both timeless and  on trend. Her personal touch added to fabrics range from including her dogs image to an oyster to a peony. Even the colors featured are inspired from unique images from her travels.

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