Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Goyard Bags

Most of you are probably familiar with the iconic Goyard print that covers that sought after tote we all love. What you might now all be familiar with is the history behind Goyard, so we wanted to give you some insight on what’s behind the ever so fabulous design house and brand.
To begin, it all started in 1853, which makes it the oldest leather goods maker that is still in business. For Goyard bags, there are three plant fibers used: hemp, linen, and cotton. The trademark’s slightly raised pattern results from both the cloth and printing technique used during the manufacturing process.
And while it might just look like a chevron pattern, there is symbolism behind it. The dots represent three chevrons, which form a ‘Y,’ which is the central letter in the Goyard name. Edmond Goyard used those three chevrons of the letter ‘Y’ as a signature like a painter would sign his work. In fact, he was the first trunk maker ever to build his name into a canvas.
Edmond’s son, Robert created a four-shade woven canvas, and he patented it in 1965. It was softer than the original Goyard canvas. He then tweaked the pattern a few years later, and updated it completely, which was much more even. Then, in 2010, a canvas came about that was woven on a jacquard loom in a variety of colors.
The exact manufacturing process of the Goyardine remains extremely confidential, and new products don’t come out every single season. Instead, they want the products to last for a long time. They are classics.
The main product lines are: travel goods (trunks, luggage, hat cases, etc), handbags (totes, pouches, briefcases, etc) special orders (each item is completely handmade and designed for the specific person), and pet accessories (collars, leashes, bowls, etc).
You can personalize you Goyard item with initials (with 4 different font options,) the canvas color, and motif. The monograms are hand painted with exclusive paints.
Goyard doesn’t sell online (the only luxury brand that doesn’t), and their products are available exclusively at Goyard boutiques. Yes, exclusive, indeed!
A Goyard bag is most certainly worth the investment. The history behind it is special, and we love how exclusive they are and that you can’t find them anywhere and everywhere. Below you’ll see some stylish ladies wearing their Goyard bags out and about. Which Goyard is your favorite? Are you thinking about getting one?

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