Florence Visit with Aquazzura

Florence Visit with Aquazzura 1

We stayed at Hotel Berchielli, which, for us, was a perfect location with an amazing view of the river. We found that almost everything in Florence was walking distance.  Their outdoor courtyard was one of the most picturesque for photos.

Florence Visit with Aquazzura 2

I highly recommend going for the champagne sabor at St. Regis Hotel. Bella had her first experience with a sabor.

Florence Visit with Aquazzura 3

We experienced the most enchanting visit with Aquazzura co-founder Edgardo Osorio. Born in Colombia and raised between Miami and London, Edgardo personifies his brand with his drop-dead looks, warm personality and passion for modern design. He is truly a modern day craftsman of glamorous footwear.

Florence Visit with Aquazzura 4

The Aquazzura headquarters and flagship store are situated in the historical Palazzo Corsini, on the picturesque banks of the Arno River, in the heart of Florence and in the proximity of the best shoemakers and craftspeople in the world.

Florence Visit with Aquazzura 5

Edgardo gave us a tour of his amazing design and operations headquarters. Rob, Bella and I joined him for an enchanting lunch in his personal home. The design of his home was as exceptional as the design of his shoes. It is a perfect mix of antique and modern furniture.  To say we were enchanted was an understatement.

Florence Visit with Aquazzura 6

After an afternoon of shopping, we enjoyed an amazing dinner at the family run, lovely Pandemonio restaurant. Ask to be seated in the back room. They are known for their meats, but we loved the fish. And we had a beautiful meeting with Momma herself.

Florence Visit with Aquazzura 7

We often book with Viator. I booked the 3 hour walking tour for kids that was less than desirable. Bella had fun meeting a friend, but in general, we aren’t tour people. But I would highly recommend the photo session with Eva. She has an amazing eye for photography and was open to taking strong direction or to lead the way. I loved her pleasant demeanor and her photography was so wonderful. We will more than likely use one of her images for our Christmas card photo.

Florence Visit with Aquazzura 8


Photo of Edgardo’s home via W Magazine


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