Handbag Spotlight : The Evelyne

The Hermes Evelyne bag is one you probably see quite often while out and about. Aside from it being a beautiful bag, it’s extremely functional due to its size and cross body strap option. There’s also some history to it, of course.

What you might not know about this style is that it was originally designed to carry horse grooming equipment. Yes, seriously! It first made its appearance in 1978, and was named after Evelyne Bertrand, who was the Head of the Hermes Equestrian Department. If you’re wondering why the ‘H’ is perforated, as well as the sphere around it, it was to allow said grooming equipment to dry.

According to The New York Times, this bag surged in popularity in 2012, and, as we all know, it’s still a very popular style 4 years later. Because of the functionality of it, women really do love this one. Whether worn as a shoulder bag, cross body bag, to tote around work papers or anything else, we’re thrilled to offer it in so many different colors. Keep scrolling for some stylish ways to wear The Evelyne, along with a few favorites from our site.



1. Hermes Evelyne, Black  2. Hermes Evelyne, Red  3. Hermes Evelyne, 32cm  4. Hermes Evelyne, Epson Green  5. Hermes Evelyne, Epson Yellow



(Images // Irina Biant, Jaclyn Paige)
















(Images via // Love That Bag)


(Images via // Krystal Schlegel)


(Images via // Love That Bag)

See all Evelyne bags we currently have in our showroom here!

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