Hermes Birkin Sizes

Every girl needs a Birkin, but what’s the right size? Here is a list of sizes and just a few leather styles that will make you melt for Hermes.

This is the 45 cm Birkin in Black Ardenne, it has longer straps and is great for the traveling man or woman.

The 40 cm Vert Veronese with Gold Hardware Birkin for the toting man or woman. This bag is perfect for those who carry around everything but the kitchen sink.

The Classic 35 cm Hermes Birkin, this is the Holy Grail of handbags. This bag is a piece of art, that will not go unnoticed.

Slightly smaller, the 30 cm Birkin is elegant and simple. We it love the Purple Fjord leather.


And last but not least 25 cm Hermes Birkin, this is the smallest Birkin made by Hermes. Its amazing, especially in blue Nilo Croc, yum!

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