Rolex Watch Repairs in Houston TX

Realizing that your Rolex doesn’t work can be a shock. We will evaluate the timepiece to determine what is wrong and perform basic repairs as needed. This includes changing the battery. When we change the battery in a luxury watch, we also check on the water resistance to determine if there are any possible repairs that must be done to maintain the integrity of the watch.

Rolex Watch Service in Houston TX

In order to keep your timepiece in the best condition possible, we offer servicing. Our Houston Rolex watch service professionals will replace and lubricate gaskets that keep the watch water resistant. They will replace straps and bracelets, size or adjust the band, and perform an ultrasonic cleaning. It is best to have these regular maintenance points checked prior to something going wrong with the luxury timepiece.

Let Us Take Care of Your Rolex Watch Repairs in Houston TX

Whether you need to have Houston Rolex watch repairs or a 5-point check-up, you can give us a call at 713-977-7296 to schedule an appointment. Our professionals are ready to ensure that your watch retains its stellar form. We will provide a quote prior to completing the work so you know what to expect.

Fine timepieces are precision mechanisms which require routine maintenance and repair. Vintage Contessa & Times Past & Times Past offers a full range of services, from basic jewelry and watch maintenance to major repairs and restorations. Repair estimates are always provided free of charge.