Soaring in style

Soaring in Style


HOUSTON, Texas June 2021

Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton… just your everyday pals for Donae Cangelosi Chramosta and Rob Chramosta. Purveyors of some of the most unique finds in their treasure trove of a shop, the owners of Vintage Contessa & Times Past ( are just getting started.

What do you enjoy most about creating content?

We love expressing ourselves through our style and our stories. A person’s confidence combined with their style is the first impression you make when you meet someone. Fashion may open the conversation, but your personality and the stories you tell create the connection. Style is not just beautiful people doing beautiful things in beautiful places; style encompasses our lifestyle and the joy we choose to find in our lives. Our videos are more than just educational;
we share stories and create connections with our community.

How would you describe your presence within the community?
When you buy, sell or trade your luxury watch, jewelry, diamond or handbag with us, it’s much more than simply a transaction. You become part of our narrative: joining our journey in the quest for extraordinary luxury experiences and unique, exceptional preowned luxury products.

What kind of outreach do you provide to the community?
Weekly we repeatedly connect with our followers taking them on an unpredictable yet luxurious lifestyle journey. We host social media sales on videos on Mondays via Facebook Live, Wednesdays with Wacky Watch Wednesday and Thursdays for the Living the Authentic Life Facebook Live podcast. We collaborate with, style and inspire by sharing meaningful stories with fellow Texas tastemakers and thought leaders who discuss their multiple roads to success.

What are some local businesses you like to support?

All of them! Standouts we support include The Annie Cafe & Bar, B & B Butcher and Berg Hospitality Group, Roma, Tootsies, M Penner, Mickey Styles and Switch2Pure.

In your line of work, how would you define creativity?

Our vintage pieces show a creative expression or art in the form of a handbag, jewelry piece or accessory. You are able to look at pieces in a cinematic way, as a character in your own movie. It’s not about the luxury pieces themselves; it’s about creating a cinematic vision of life from the stories the bags or watches or jewelry could tell. What does the future hold? The sky’s the limit. We have visualized and manifested so many dreams that have actually come true. We have found when you mix a lot of hard work with a lot of prayer and vision, you will receive abundance in a way you never expected.

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