How to Accessorize Like a Royal

In honor of having High Tea with Sarah, Duchess of York, on Friday, I thought it would be fun to do a post on how to accessorize like a royal. Because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to don accessories in such a way?

  • For starters, oftentimes you’ll see royals wearing a brooch or pin of sorts. Look through your closet and drawers and find one that complements your outfit nicely.
  • Define the waist. Typically, you’ll see cinched waists, which brings a look together in a sophisticated (and, of course, flattering) way.
  • Bring on the hats! It’s rare when you see a royal not wearing a hat. Simple or adorned, throw on a hat for an extra glamorous look.
  • Another common accessory would be gloves. While you might not see gloves all too often anymore, unless it’s cold outside, wearing a pair will elevate your look even more.
  • Pretty in pearls. The more pearls the better. Whether a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet, Princess Diana wore pearls all the time.
  • In terms of bags, you don’t usually see a royal lugging around an extremely large tote. Instead, opt for a clutch of sorts, whether basic and neutral or colorful and embellished.

We can’t help but love and admire the fashion and accessories of royals. They are always dressed to the nines, adorned in the most beautiful pieces, and they wear them so well. To take a cue from a royal on how to accessorize is certainly the way to go. Below are some of our favorite looks and some things from The Vintage Contessa to help you accessorize in the most royal of ways.

From The Vintage Contessa…

Hermes Jige Gold Clutch 

Chanel Brooch

Louis Vuitton Gold Belt

Images borrowed from The Princess Diana Fan 2In StylePinterestMail OnlineDaily Mail

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