Chanel Authenticity

Dear Friend of The Vintage Contessa

We are so thrilled that you are thinking of buying a Chanel piece from The Vintage Contessa! We understand how much of a concern it is to purchase something so special online, and we would like to take this opportunity to reassure you.

The Vintage Contessa is unique, personally purchasing every item that we then offer to our customers. This means that each and every piece is not only rigorously inspected by our team of experienced specialists before we purchase it, but also that it is housed in our showroom, until it comes to live with you.

Other websites can work on a consignment model, which means that they may not have seen the items they are selling, instead the items are shipped directly to you by a dealer who could be anywhere in the world. This means that authenticity checks are not as thorough and that items can be in poor condition with misleading photographs.

We are proud to unconditionally stand by both the authenticity and the quality of everything in our collection. Every piece you buy will come to you in the condition described on the website, and with our authenticity guarantee enclosed in the package.Here is a short checklist of just some of the authenticity checks we make on your Chanel bag. Visit our authenticity database to find out more.

  • The bag presents the highest standards of craftsmanship
  • An interlocking CC logo is used inside the bag
  • The CC logo is raised slightly
  • The stamp is in the correct Chanel colourways
  • The hologram sticker is present (a lack of hologram sticker does not absolutely signify non authenticity)
  • The hologram sticker displays the correct colourings and markings in alignment with the year of design
  • The authenticity card bears a matching number to the hologram sticker
  • A circled R is present at the end of the Chanel name i written inside the bag
  • The leather or skin of the bag matches one of the existing Chanel leather types
  • The leather is thick and of a superior quality
  • The hardware is in a consistent Chanel colourway
  • The inside of the bag flap is smooth, without wrinkles in the fabric
  • The bag is free from flaws such as poor stitching or unsymmetrical lines which would indicate poor craftsmanship

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 713.977.7297 or email us at to talk to an authenticity specialist.

Warmest Regards

P.S You are going to look FABULOUS with that bag!