The History of Louis Vuitton Luggage

t’s what you’ll see most celebrities and style icons carrying around as they travel from destination to destination for both work and pleasure. It’s been around since the 1800s and still remains some of the most iconic pieces in the fashion world. Of course, we’re talking about none other than Louis Vuitton luggage.

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What started as canvas trunks turned into travel bags of all shapes and sizes. It’s no surprise, though, because according to Marc Jacobs (Louis Vuitton’s first Creative Director, back in 1997), he told Vogue, ‘Louis Vuitton has a heritage in travel.’ The very first trunk from Louis Vuitton featured gray Trianon canvas and was introduced in 1858, years after he worked as an apprentice in a successful box maker’s workshop. It didn’t take him very long to become one of the most reputable practitioners of his new craft. In 1854, Vuitton went off on his own and started his own box making/packing workshop in Paris. And only four years after opening that shop, in 1858, Vuitton brought out a new type of trunk, the famous ones we all know and love. Instead of using leather, he used canvas, which was more durable, and he made it rectangular (rather than a dome shape), which made it far more practical, as now they could be stacked and easily transported. In fact, according to various websites, these trunks were considered the ‘birth of modern luggage.’

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In 1872, after a couple hard years following the Franco-Prussian War, Vuitton opened a new shop and came out with a new trunk design, beige canvas and red stripes, in order to attempt to protect against imitation. This was the beginning of the luxury brand as we know it.  In order to continue to attempt to avoid imitation, Vuitton came out with the Damier canvas in 1888 (which is stilled used today), which came in two color schemes: red and white checker, as well as the more common light and dark brown checker. Vuitton passed in 1892 and his son, Georges Vuitton, took control of the company. A few years later, he came out with the signature LV monogram canvas. And then at the turn of the century, Georges introduced the Vuittonite canvas, in colors such as yellow, orange, and brown. And from that time forward, special orders have included materials, such as zinc, copper, wood, crocodile, and more. 

image via // Huffington Post

What started as a trunk to transport various items via railroad turned into a luxury brand unlike 

any other. From carry on bags to duffels and weekenders, Louis Vuitton luggage is highly sought after, and the timeless Louis Vuitton trunks have become some of the most coveted home decor pieces out there.

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