What a Man’s Watch Says About His Personality

Many men collect watches and truly appreciate the masterpiece that a designer watch is. It’s not simply something they check to see what time it is, but more a piece of art, a collectible, even a fashion statement. So, the real question here is, what exactly does a man’s watch say about his personality?


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If a man’s watch tells the time in various time zones and possibly even has a compass within the watch, it’s likely he’s either adventurous and/or loves to travel. He might even have various bands to switch out depending on the activity (i.e. rubber when going into water, leather, etc).

It’s likely you’ll find a sleeker, classic type of watch on a man who works in a more conservative office setting, say, in a law office. If he’s wearing suits and ties most days, he’s probably not wearing a casual watch.


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And then there’s the tech guy, the guy who works at a creative start up possibly. You might see him wearing a watch that exposes the mechanics of said watch.

If your man is into style and up to the minute on the latest trends, he’s likely wearing a very fashionable watch, possibly even a classic, timeless piece that has been around for ages and will continue to be around for years to come.


(Picture via Hellohis.hellofashionblog.com)

Of course, there’s always the ‘bigger is better’ guy who wants the best option of anything and everything out there (from cars to homes to watches and beyond). This guy is wearing the oversized watched that you can see from a mile away.

And, finally, there’s the understated man. The one who loves watches, especially nice ones, but will wear the one that is minimal and classic, possibly even a bit smaller.

Men love their watches, and for good reason, and it’s fun to see how and why they choose the ones they do.


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