2018 Spring Paris Trends, Hotels, Dining, Drinking

Summer 2018 Paris Trends

The biggest surprise in trends was Fringe bags. I definitely saw bags of all brands, but this was the most unusual trend. It makes me want to pull out my vintage suede fringe Hermes Bag.
Socks with heels were worn by ladies running in the rain. It looked cool and not contrived. I was a little inspired.
Tennis shoes with dresses trend has spread worldwide, but Parisian women did it best. I rocked this every day. It’s just so much more comfortable. One day we walked over 20,000 steps.  So, I personally never could have done that in a pair of heels.
Leather jackets in June were an unexpected choice. Maybe because I was coming form 90◦F weather, but I definitely recommend you check the 10 day forecast before you go.
Berets were the most appropriate expected trend, but something I hadn’t seen in the past. Ironically, I bought a beret in Hong Kong this year, but felt so appropriate wearing it in Paris.
Hats in general were a big hit. Im a hat girl. In fact, I purchased two Chanel hats while I was there. You can see me sporting one below.


As far as hotels, we normally either stay at a Hilton or at an American Express Hotel every trip.  But if budget is not a factor, I highly recommend the Ritz Paris, Plaza Athenee, Hotel Raphael or Hotel Costes. They have been Paris staples forever. However, even though I dont stay there, I try to go for drinks in their bars.
This trip we met Houston friends at the Ritz Paris on the Patio. Even in the rain, we moved under the awning and it was lovely.
Then we moved around the corner to Hotel Costes bar. You can’t make dinner reservations until three days prior or whatever crazy rule they decide for the moment, but you can always stop in the bar.


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