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We’ve launched a brand NEW show called #LivingtheAuthenticLife Podcast. This show covers everything you’ve been asking us for – interesting stylish personalities sharing authentic journeys of commitment, connection and authenticity. Please continue to join me, live on Thursdays at 10am on Facebook and available across all platforms, as my husband/business partner and I connect with tastemakers to share their unique stories that led them to answer the question, “How do I know it’s real?”

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The Vintage Contessa & Times Past is in Houston, Texas.
Houston, Texas
“Get you a woman who can do it all” - @dollyparton 👏🏻💯 In honor of the country legend’s #75thbirthday today we are jumping in on the #dollypartonchallenge 📸 From the karaoke inducing #Jolene to capturing our work week sentiments in her feminist anthem “9 to 5,” #DollyParton has been a musical powerhouse for over five decades ✨ But her sound is not the only thing that has been incredibly influential — her #signaturelook of big hair, giant hoops, and sequined outfits, has given her #styleicon status from the get-go 💅🏻 And even 50 years after her debut album, #Dolly is still inspiring us in music, #fashion, and beyond 💯 Happy birthday to the woman who funded a vaccine, gave us a book, a Christmas special, and an album...all during a pandemic 🙏🏼 🎉
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Collaborations are at the core of who we are at Vintage Contessa & Times Past. We are proud to officially launch our Contessa Collaboration Authentic A Listers.

Weekly we connect with Chic, Creative, Cultured, Charitable, Authentic A Listers who have found the key to balancing their commitment to a successful career and family life while making a difference in their community.

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