Chanel: The Brand That Never Goes Out of Style

Chanel. How you tempt me so. Those classic silhouettes and all around gorgeous, handcrafted handbags make me gasp each time I see that mirrored “C” logo.

This high-end couture and ready-wear fashion house began in 1909 by Madame Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. The iconic quilted bags and “the little black dress” are just a few items that the House of Chanel is known for.

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Coco Chanel’s favorite colors, black, white and greys, are used throughout Chanel’s line. Lucky for us, these neutral colors never go out of style and can be paired with practically anything.

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Did you know that the interlocking “C” logo was influenced by the stained glass windows in an Aubazine chapel which featured interlaced curves?

Every bottle of of Chanel No.5, the best selling fragrance in the world and Chanel’s most profitable item,  is hand-sealed with baudruchage (a fine membrane), pearl cotton thread and hot wax stamped with the interlocking C’s. Talk about premiere product care.

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Coco Chanel used her personal style to influence her designs. Her cropped hair and slim figure became the ideal feminine look of the 1920s and has continued to influence women around the world to this very day.

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