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HOUSTON, Texas June 2021

Inside one of Houston’s most treasured showrooms is a magnitude of luxury products to suit every pocket. From vintage watches to rare coins to designer handbags and more, the Vintage Contessa & Times Past boasts an exceptionally curated collection of authentic, timeless pieces from across the globe that is personally vetted by the entrepreneurial husband-and-wife duo Rob and Donae Chramosta.

With over 30 years of expertise as internationally trusted luxury wholesalers and retailers, the co-owners view every encounter as not merely a transaction but an opportunity to expand upon the genuine relationships they foster with their customers by valuing transparency and top-tier personalized service. “Style is not just beautiful people, doing beautiful things in beautiful places,” the couple said. “Fashion may open the conversation but your personality and the stories you tell create the connection. When you buy, sell or trade with us, you become part of our narrative.” To best assist its clientele, the showroom’s vintage watch team communicates daily with acclaimed buyers and sellers worldwide, keeping a finger on the pulse of the most coveted items in the market and the latest trends, such as the rise in popularity of yellow gold bands and smaller-sized designs.
As in-person events return this year, the Chramostas look forward to attending some of the best trade shows in Miami, Las Vegas and New York City to add to their already impressive assortment of rare watches and jewelry by high-end brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Breitling and Cartier, among others. While traveling, they will continue to connect with their followers, taking them on an unpredictable yet luxurious journey with Facebook Live sales every Monday, Wacky Watch Wednesdays, the “Living the Authentic Life” podcast on Thursdays and social media giveaways, including a few dreamy summer vacations in partnership with luxury collaborators like Tavaero Jet Charter, the Post Oak Hotel and Veneno Tequila.

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