Our Trip to Atlantis

Our Trip to Atlantis 1

Earlier this summer, our family and some friends went to Atlantis in The Bahamas for a vacation, and we had a blast. It was equal parts relaxing and fun.

It’s a great destination for families, but wouldn’t recommend going as just a couple. It’s very big; over 4000 rooms on site!Our Trip to Atlantis 2

Where to Stay

We stayed at The Reef. We were told the accommodations are large suites with bigger cushions on the lounge chairs at the pool Our Trip to Atlantis 3and on the beach. We preferred staying at the beach to the pool. The beach was less crowded and the water was the most amazing color of blue. We arrived at the beach around 10:30 and could find umbrella/covered lounge chairs most days.

As a note, you don’t need to rent a cabana. We had one booked and realized it wasn’t a cabana necessary destination.

The cruise ship’s guests arrive at the Water Park at approximately 10am and leave around 4pm, so the afternoons are the best time to go to the water slide.

The drinks at the beach and pool were excessively expensive. Friends had warned us, but it was silly money. We went to a liquor store off site to buy vodka.

Our Trip to Atlantis 4

Where to Eat

We had lunch outside overlooking the pool at Sea Glass Lounge at the The Cove. There was a very limited selection, but the Caesar Salad with chicken was above par.

We had a fabulous dinner at Nobu in the Casino tower the first night. The food and service is consistently good at every Nobu, in my experience.

After dinner, we took an evening stroll of the underwater Aquarium at The Royal Towers filled with stingray, sharks, Nemo look-alike or clown fish, jellyfish, and more.

A couple of nights we had great dinners off site. One night, we ate at Greycliff Plantation House. The food and service was exceptional. It was a bit stuffy, but the wine cellar made up for it. It was absolutely beyond extensive, specifically, the third largest wine collection in the world. There was a bottle of wine that was $200,000 from the 1780’s.Our Trip to Atlantis 5

Luciano’s of Chicago was only marginal. They had tables outside with a view of the harbor, but claimed they were reserved. However, the tables were never taken in the time we were there. Frustrating to say the least.

The best dinner with an ocean/sunset view was at Blue Sail. Although it was a 30 minute plus drive from Atlantis, I thought it was well worth the drive.

For the Kids

We booked a night for the girls at Atlantis Kids Adventure. They arrived at 6:45 and stayed until 9:45 but it was open until 10:30 and as early as 6pm. The night was filled with a talent show with kids as Our Trip to Atlantis 6judges and a dance competition. Although it sounded like a fun filled night for our 9 to 12 year old girls, only one of the three enjoyed it.

What to Pack?

It’s completely acceptable to wear bathing suits and cover ups all around the property.Our Trip to Atlantis 7

At night, I wore beach inspired dresses from Taj by Sabrina in Miami Beach.

And the bags that took me throughout the trip included a Chanel Beach bag, Chanel flap bag, Louis Vuitton crossbody, and the .

It was a great trip and I recommend it as a family destination!



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