Ep #108 Valerie Dittner, Fashion Stylist

Ep #108 Valerie Dittner, Fashion Stylist February 24, 2024

Vibrant wardrobe stylist Valerie Dittner joins us as this week’s podcast guest, sharing her love of preowned, vintage, sustainable fashion. She and I launched our fashion careers at similar times and have grown our businesses in parallel ways through a combination of shared passions and collaboration with like minded people. We dive in depth quickly, talking about the impact the world of dance had on both of us gowning up with a “costume outlook” on dressing. We both continue to be influenced by vintage styles as we approach each day’s wardrobe choice as a way to express ourselves to the world while actually being active working modern women. Her signature dark locks and classic bright red lip are reminiscent of classic old Hollywood Movistar glamour mixed with a big dose of modern day chic. As a busy working mom of 2, she really is a woman who does it all and looks fabulous while doing it and helping her clients do it too‼️ Watching her Instagram inspires me to be more courageous, mixing classic styles with mixed patterns, adding both high and low designers and choosing both casual and dressy looks to create signature “Valerie Dittner” looks. We both agree, when we look our best, we actually begin to feel our best, so why not do it every day?

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